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Click Technologies develops, markets, and implements B2B, B2C and C2C e-Commerce software solutions for traditional enterprises and electronic marketplaces.

We focus our activities in enabling companies with innovative applications that promote efficient and effective commercial activities via our products, as well as our ASP (Application Service Provider) model, allowing our clients the option to outsource the licensing, hosting, supervision and management of our applications in a secure and reliable environment.

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Need a Website?

We can design, program and implement your web presence. Call 866.548.3675 for more details.

Neo Applications and Webhosting
An innovator in online auction/RFP software since 1996, Click Technologies continues to lead the way with our latest web engine, NEO v5.

Our dynamic commerce platform consists of interoperable modules including auctions, RFP/RFQ, catalogs and storefronts among others.

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Applications Overview
NEO Auction
NEO RFP/RFQ Software
Support Modules
Merchant Services

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Webhosting/Domain Names/Secure Certificates

Click Technologies provides all levels of webhosting services in a secure, reliable environment. Visit for more details.

Click Technologies Partners with Total Merchant Solutions to Offer Merchant Services

Click Technologies Releases Two New Online Services

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